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November 15, 2023 Honest to Goodness

Show your appreciation for the special people in your life with thoughtful gifts! Whether it's for teachers, friends, family, or neighbours, make this holiday season memorable. Craft a DIY personalised gift pack filled with Honest to Goodness goodies that cater to their unique tastes. Check out our top picks for each category and bring joy to those who matter most.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser: This Christmas, gift your cherished family member the joy of a festive atmosphere with an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser.

Essential Oils:  These carefully chosen Honest to Goodness essential oils bring not only delightful aromas but also the warmth and joy of the holidays, creating a truly special gift for your family member.

Epsom Salts: Nothing says self care quite like a soothing soak in an Epsom Salt bath. Natural and sustainably sourced Epsom Salts that will transform your loved one's home into a spa..

More sweet gifts:

Organic Neighbours Blend Coffee: This Christmas, gift your friend a purposeful morning with the Organic Neighbours Blend Coffee. This medium roast boasts notes of chocolate, caramel, and berries, offering a delightful start to the day. It's a thoughtful gift that turns a simple cup of coffee into a moment of joy and connection and did you know 100% of the profits we make from this coffee are donated to Project Timor. Project Timor provides the opportunity of a quality education and essential nourishment to young women in the community of Maliana, Timor Leste to help them build a sustainable and better future. The gift that keeps giving!!

Organic Dried Strawberries: Deliciously soft yet chewy, these organic strawberries infused with organic apple juice make a perfect snacking item, as well as a multi-use tasty pantry staple. Bursting with flavour and free from the 'hidden nasties' found in some dried strawberry brands. Free from artificial preservatives, additives, colour as well as no added cane sugar.

Other Team Goodness healthy gifting ideas:

Organic Maple Syrup: Made from pure Canadian maple sap, our maple syrup is a heavenly addition to loads of recipes - or even just for drizzling at the end! A must have in the pantry.

Nut Milk Bag: This bag is not just essential for smooth, creamy plant-based milk… use it to create homemade pulp-free juices, labneh, sprouts, cheeses + more! Machine washable and quick-drying, this bag is perfect for those who like to get creative in the kitchen.

Other gifting ideas:

Organic Australian Olive Oil: Sometimes a good quality olive oil is all an enthusiastic cook needs. Perfect for bread dipping and drizzling on meals!

Tamari Roasted Almonds: These salty, savoury, roasted almonds are a Team Goodness favourite! Made with organic tamari and Australian insecticide-free almonds, any avid snacker would love a bag or two!

Other exciting Team Goodness gift ideas:

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