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Slater Farms

May 17, 2019 Honest to Goodness

Until recently, all rice in Australia was grown in 'flood' irrigated paddies. Regular rice farming, according to the CSIRO, requires around 1550L of water to grow just 1kg of rice! With water being such a precious commodity in Australia today, this rice is not just packed full of goodness for us, but is great for our land too. Slater Farms Rainfed Rice is grown and milled on the family-owned Slater Farm near Casino in the Northern Rivers, NSW. 

A certified bio-dynamic farm where crops are naturally rain irrigated. No irrigation saved critical water resources. This rainfed rice rice is a special variety of rice called Tachiminori, which is a Japanese 'upland' rice that requires no irrigation, but does require warmth and high summer rainfall, perfect for the Northern Rivers Region of NSW. Absolutely no flood irrigation was used to grow the rice. At Honest to Goodness we pride ourselves on our "Real Food" philosophy...that is pure, simple food, with no nasties added. and Slater Farm's 100% Biodynamic Rainfed Rice is a tribute to this! It seems we are not the only ones who love it, the rice was awarded a Bronze Medal for "Best Pantry Staple Food" in the 2010 Organic Expo & Green Show Awards. Biodynamic 100% Rainfed Medium Grain Brown Rice is available in 500g retail packs or bulk 5kg & 20kg bags. Purchase now on our online store, at our showroom and market stalls.

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