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Make your own fresh and nutritious milk with your favourite nuts and seeds using this nut milk bag! This nut milk bag can be used repeatedly and is faster and easier than trying to use a strainer.
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With this nut milk bag you can make your own fresh and nutritious milk with your favourite nuts and seeds! You can also use the versatile nut milk bag to create your favourite fresh juices and for sprouting! It can be used repeatedly and is faster and easier than trying to use a strainer.

Make your own delicious nut milk by soaking your favourite nuts (or seeds) for 4-8 hours with fresh, clean water. Once the nuts (or seeds) have been soaked, blend them with fresh, clean water and finally, strain through the nut milk bag. Fresh nut milk has not been pasteurised, thus making it packed with enzymes and nutrition.

Using your nut milk bag when juicing - After blending your favourite fruits or vegies, simply place the leftover pulp into the nut milk bag and squeeze. This avoids wasting lost juice and is very handy when travelling!

Using your nut milk bag for sprouting - The nut milk bag makes sprouting easy! Fill the nut milk bag with your preferred sprouts, soak overnight, hang to drain. Dunk the nut milk bag in water a few times daily and hang to drain. Sprouting should commence within a number of days.
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Customer Reviews

Best Nut Milk Bag I've Used! Review by Sarah
I've been making my own almond milk for a few years and have tried a lot of the different brand nut milk bags, as well as a few of the home made/ diy solutions. The Honest to Goodness nut milk bag is by far my favourite! Perfect creamy milk, super easy clean up and the bag hasn't stretched or discoloured at all! Amazing product!
(Posted on 12/01/2017)
Excellent bag Review by Anon
"I have only used a few bags but this is the best so far.

I purchased a nut milk bag a few years ago from elsewhere. But I ended up throwing it out, as too big, fiddly to clean and a nuisance to use.

The HTG bag is the perfect size and easily fits and ties over a container.

I cannot drink cows milk. And I dislike almond milk and soy. Shave recently started making coconut milk. To use with the Turmeric Latte Mix also purchased from this site.

I brought the HTG Nut Milk bag in 2014 or 2015. But I only just started using it in 2016 - knew it would come in handy one day! Oh well better late than never :)

I am using organic dry shredded coconut and warm water in a blender. Buzz in blender and then strain with the milk bag.

And the leftover coconut from the nut milk bag, I am mixing with sugar granules and making a body scrub for the shower."
(Posted on 12/01/2017)
Nut Milk Bag Review by Anon
I love this product. It has made making rice milk for my son so simple and I just rinse it out under warn water, let it dry and its ready to use again.
(Posted on 12/01/2017)

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