A guide to green powders - Why these powders pack a punch

Green powders are becoming more and more popular in people's diets but why are they so special and why should you consider incorporating them into your diet?

The main reason green powders like alfalfa, barley grasswheat grass, spirulina and chlorella have risen to fame is due to their very strong nutrient density and their widespread health benefits. Each has its unique nutrient properties but the main consideration is just how much they pack a punch!

Referred to as the 'Father of all foods' in ancient Arab civilisations, alfalfa or Medicago sativa contains almost all known vitamins, minerals and trace elements for good health - no wonder it's been so celebrated in the past! Our alfalfa powder is 100% organic, grown and produced in regional Victoria. It is a nutrient dense source of green vegetable nutrition as it's naturally rich in chlorophyll which helps to detoxify the liver and blood system, fibre for digestion & weight control as well as carotenes, vitamins, minerals & essential amino acids. It is also an alkalising plant which means it has a neutralising effect on the intestinal tract allowing it to be properly absorbed.

Barley Grass
Produced from the dried leaves of organically grown young barley plants, barley grass dates back more than 5000 years and was once referred to by ancient Greeks and Romans as 'nature's best fast food' for its rich multi-nutrient profile, antioxidant properties, essential amino acids and therapeutic compounds. Like alfalfa powder, it's also a rich source of chlorophyll and is well known for its alkalising properties. The key is that this superfood provides a balanced nutrient profile.

Wheat Grass
Wheat grass is considered a complete food source because of its balanced supply of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and protein. Made from the dehydrated leaf of the young wheat plant when it is still in its grass-like growing stage and before any gluten is formed, it actually contains no wheat! It's an energising wholefood with rich levels of chlorophyll, well known for its digestive, antibacterial, detoxifying and deodorising properties.

Originally discovered in South American and Africa, spirulina is a micro algae that grows in a pollution free, tropical climate which has been used as a dietary supplement since the 1970's. Like the other greens, it is packed with hundreds of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids but it's high quality vegetable protein content is what it's most celebrated for with 3g of protein per serve - that's 66% protein! Its blue green colour is thanks to phycocyanin which is a biliprotein with evidence to suggest it can boost immune function and has anti-bacterial properties.

Chlorella is the last of our greens to feature in our superfoods range and is also considered a complete food source for its well-balanced ratios of proteins, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Like spirulina, our organic chlorella is very high in protein (58%) and chlorophyll (3%), plus beta carotene, lutein, alpha carotene and vitamin A. It has powerful detoxifying properties and supports healthy levels of intestinal microflora. 

Research has shown that it naturally binds to lingering heavy metals, chemical and pesticides in the digestive tract and does not bind to the minerals we need to function like calcium, magnesium and zinc - what a clever algae, it's like it knows which chemicals belong and which need to be removed!

So how can you incorporate them into your diet? Easy! Simply add 1 teaspoon of your favourite green powder to your favourite juice, smoothie or with water for a quick and easy, alkalising boost! They can also be added to salad dressings, soups, sprinkled over or blended into meals and treats like bliss balls or energy bars! Why not try a combination of them all to kick start your day?

Need inspiration? Don't forget to check out our smoothie recipes for more tips on getting those greens into you! We have also developed a delicious green energy bar &  featured in our upcoming e-book The Goodness Kitchen which will be available soon!

The phrase 'nutrient dense' is used alot in the health food industry, mostly due to the growing awareness of how incredibly nutritious natural foods are but when it comes to superfoods like these greens, it's clear just how beneficial they are and how easy it is to get them into your diet!

20th Feb 2017 Honest to Goodness