Organic Coffee - A Workshop With Sacred Grounds

For some, the aroma of roasted coffee beans first thing in the morning is heaven and today, coffee lovers got to indulge their senses and learn how to make their own perfect cup of coffee in our showroom. Paul from Sacred Grounds Organic and Fairtrade Coffee  ran an engaging and informative workshop, teaching customers and team goodness about their ethical and socially responsible coffees, from the origins of their blends and single origin coffees to how to clean your machine properly to making coffee exactly how you like it.  

We learnt the best way to grind the coffee, what to look out for when packing it into the basket, how to make manage the strength of the coffee and the techniques for heating various milks - including our new cold pressed almond milk from Inside Out (available in our showroom). We also showed people all the wholefood, nutrient - dense alternatives to white sugar people can add to their morning coffee like organic rapadura sugarorganic coconut sugarorganic palm sugar & organic coconut syrup. Everyone seemed to love to toffee flavours in the coconut syrup! And ofcourse there were tastings of organic and Fairtrade chocolate from Alter Eco and Organic Times... which was the perfect opportunity for people stocked up on Organic & Fairtrade friendly Easter Eggs & Bunnies!

Sacred Grounds producers come from Fairtrade Co-operatives in some of the world's most idyllic coffee growing regions in the third world countries. They don't see Fairtrade or organic as a marketing position, but as an obvious choice towards a more equitable and sustainable future. We sell their plunger grindespresso grindwhole beans & whole beans decaf. 

14th Dec 2016 Honest to Goodness