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The Ginger People [Supplier Spotlight]

January 11, 2024 Honest to Goodness

Bruce and Abbie Leeson have so much faith in the health benefits of ginger, they have created a 30-year strong, family-owned business around it.

Ginger People

“We believe in the purity and healthful properties of ginger and take great pride and care in creating products that live up to ginger’s time-honoured reputation,” says The Ginger People co-founder Abbie Leeson.

"We use the most premium ginger, both in fresh sourcing and processing. As a company, we stand behind sustainability, and by obtaining Non-GMO status across our entire product suite, we reaffirm our commitment to offering superior ginger products to our customers.”

With such a strong passion for promoting healthy ginger products through sustainable farming practices, the business produces simple and innovative products using minimal ingredients in both functional and fun formats.

So why ginger?

Ginger has a long history of use in various forms of traditional and alternative medicine. According to many health experts, ginger has been used to aid digestion, may help reduce nausea, and contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to help promote overall good health.

Ginger People

Their range includes Organic Ginger SyrupOrganic Sushi GingerOrganic Ginger JuiceGinger Shots and Gin Gin Candies

Ginger Range

The Ginger People Story

Over the past three decades, Bruce and Abbie Leeson have grown their business around the values of authenticity and innovation. They work with small-scale farmers who share a reverence for the land and sustainable farming practices. From farm to market, The Ginger People support over 500 farmers, factory workers and staff in China, Fiji, Indonesia, and Peru. 

Ginger People

Commitment to Non-GMO

Consumers of today want to know what’s in their food so in the interest of transparency, The Ginger People have enrolled their products in the Non-GMO Project. This third-party certification provides additional assurance that The Ginger People's ginger products are produced without the use of GMO. Their organic products are also certified per Australian, USDA, European Union, and Canadian regulations. 

Did You Know?

Each crop of ginger produced comes with its own unique flavour profile depending on where it is grown, the soil type, climate, farming method and length of growing season. Check out the flavour profiles below:

Environmental Sustainability

Bruce and Abbie have really embraced the opportunity to achieve environmental sustainability with their growers. All water used to grow ginger in Fiji, for example, is naturally irrigated from rainfall or spring water. Their Gin Gins candy range, meanwhile, has zero waste created during the production process. Even the growing farms and manufacturing facilities are nearby, reducing their carbon footprint.

Ginger People

Discover the Ginger People Range: Organic Ginger Juice 147mlOrganic Ginger Syrup 237mlOrganic Sushi Ginger 190gGinger Candy RangeGinger Shot Lemon & Cayenne 60ml,Ginger Shot Wild Turmeric 60ml

Ginger People Range

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