What is Green Friday?

November 24, 2021 Team Goodness

In recent times, there's a rising backlash globally against 'Black Friday' sales by people concerned about the state of our planet. The frenzy of deep price discounting leads inevitably to questionable sourcing policies and product quality, as corners need to be cut (products need to be produced more cheaply to fund the deep price discounting offered up). Plus, people are driven to over consume too much stuff they simply don't need. This planetary 'stuffocation' is just not sustainable.

At Honest to Goodness we have always taken a different approach and continue to do so. This year we have opted for a 'Green Friday' to enable people to buy or to try fully sustainable and ethically sourced product, at a moderate 20% discount, which doesn't compromise our product in any way.

We have focused on our Honest to Goodness beauty range, allowing you to try some newly launched products, offered on promotion for the first time. It's the perfect time to bulk buy our Honest to Goodness Epsom salts, kaolin clay and bentonite clay - plus try our new range of organic pure essential oils and blends - and more!

Choose the better-for-you-better-for-planet Green Friday sustainable advantages of:

1. Ethical sourcing: as a family founded (and still family run) business here at Honest to Goodness, we remain unwavering in our commitment to source our product sustainably and ethically. We form long term, mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers and farmers, both here in Australia and around the world, sourcing as close to origin as possible, with great care and rigour taken in selecting every item that we offer you.

Our Honest to Goodness Sisal Body Brush is sourced from a community of women in Sri Lanka, with direct impact: the sale of our brushes helps these women earn income to support their families, paying medical expenses and providing a creche for childcare.

Sisal Body Brush

2. Bulk is better: more product with less packaging is not just better value but also better for planet. Why not team up with family, friends or neighbours to divvy up a bulk order, if it feels like too much to use?

Epsom salts - for a bath soak or foot soak, our 100% natural Epsom salts are sustainably sourced in Germany. Available for Green Friday as both pure unadulterated salts or ready blended with pure essential oil blends.

Kaolin Clay - 100% sustainably sourced from natural deposits in western Australia, our gentle pure kaolin clay is perfect for DIY face masks that naturally remove impurities whilst hydrating skin.

Bentonite Clay - this 100% responsibly sourced clay from regional Australia is simply mixed with water for a skin purifying face mask, or added to bath water to detox your body. A perfect alternative to harsh, synthetic acne products for teen and breakout-prone skin.

Plus, now is the moment to put your mind to....

3. Sustainable gifting: ditch the deep discount, overly packaged Black Friday offers, and choose to DIY sustainable and naturally better beauty options for your Christmas gift list this year. Simple and quick to make, if you have kids, they'll love getting involved, using upcycled glass jars as packaging. Get your gifting done as this is perfect for teachers, neighbours, all family and friends this festive season.

Check out our DIY Detoxifying Bath Soak

Check out our  DIY Detoxifying Bath Salt recipe >>

By choosing to buy bulk in our Green Friday sale, you can create gifts for a budget-pleasing $5-6 per DIY gift - knowing you've made the planet-friendly choice.

We thank you for choosing to support true sustainability when choosing to shop the better, more planet friendly Green Friday way.

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