Benefits of Organic Foods and Farming

The benefits of organic foods has caused quite a little stir in the media lately. So whether you are an organic food enthusiast, a sceptic or an in-betweener, we thought we would present the facts that we know to be true, and the reasons we choose organic at Honest to Goodness!

The main focus in the media has been about the nutritional benefits of organic vs conventional foods. However, one thing that is really important to us here at Honest to Goodness and that we would like to highlight, are the other benefits of organic foods and farming:

  • Sustainability - organic farming methods ensure that the needs of the current population are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • No GMOs – by choosing certified organic food products, you can be assured that the product is GMO free as they are prohibited at every stage of organic food production, to protect our plant species.
  • Pesticide & Chemical Free - the number one reason people purchase organic foods is because they are chemical free, and the US study affirmed that organic foods reduce ones exposure to harmful pesticides and chemicals.

If you are interested in finding out more on the basic principles of organic foods and farming methods, we have some information on Understanding the Organic Whole Food Terminology here!

The UK Soil Assoication is also a fantastic resource for organic food and farming information. They also have some interesting insights on the recent studies from the U.S.

“The scientific methodology used for the review, while suitable for comparing trials of medicines, is not right for comparing different crops. A UK review paper, using the correct statistical analysis, has found that most of the differences in nutrient levels between organic and non-organic fruit and vegetables seen in this US study are actually highly significant.” Read more here…

The Biological Farmers of Australia have also responded to the study, read their view here: Organic nutrient study misses the point.

The study was not all bad and did highlight some great results regarding the nutritional benefits of organic foods compared to conventional foods:

  • Organic foods have lower levels of pesticide residues and antibiotic resistant bacteria.
  • Organic milk contains more omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered beneficial for the heart and over all organic food had higher levels of phosphorus and more compounds known as phenols, believed to help prevent cancer.
  • Findings showed that children who ate organic produce had fewer pesticide traces in their urine!
  • Children who consumed dairy products of which more than 90% were organically produced had a 36% lower risk for eczema at age 2 years.

The main thing to consider when making up your mind about purchasing organic food versus conventionally grown foods is to determine what is most important to you? What are your values when it comes to food choices?

What are your thoughts on organic foods and their health benefits? We would love to hear your thoughts on why you choose to eat organic!

5th Sep 2017 Honest to Goodness