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Boost Your Meals at Work With These Healthy Ideas

August 17, 2020 Honest to Goodness

Preparing nutritious, healthy meals for work can be a difficult task, particularly when you are time poor...and there is nothing more disappointing when you've managed to leave the house in the morning with only a cucumber and tomato in hand!  

We all know what it’s like to try and scramble together an inspiring healthy meal at the last minute, so we're giving you some great healthy ideas to boost whatever ingredients or leftovers you've managed to bring along to the office.

Team Goodness recommends simply dedicating a small shelf or drawer to stash your favourite meal prep ingredients. Having a healthy "work pantry” will prove to be a huge help in making a plain, old meal seem and taste more appetising, especially when you are uber hungry!

We’ve asked around the Team at Honest to Goodness HQ for their top picks and suggestions for the office drawer that will always achieve a satisfying, healthy meal.

Liz suggests:

Our olive oil is so tasty I add it to pretty much everything! I pour it on salads, on avocado toast for breakfast and I like to add it to curries with chilli flakes for a chilli oil hit.  

As I’m vegetarian I like to add these to salads and Mexican bowls to increase the nutrient value of my work lunches. I love the cheesy flavour and how it almost “melts” onto hot food, delicious!

Julia suggests:

Tinned beans are super convenient because they are already cooked and ready to eat. They’re a great way to add plant based protein and fibre to bulk up any meal.

I like to spread avocado or almond butter on top of rice cakes for a light meal or snack. Celery is also great dipped in a jar of almond butter!

Fawn suggests:

A staple ingredient for seasoning and a natural source of minerals. The finely ground rock salt is really convenient to store because you can sprinkle it straight over your meal.

Brazil nuts are my go-to snack, especially knowing they are a rich source of selenium, which is good for cognitive function, heart health and also acts an anti-inflammatory.

Aneka suggests:

I love adding tamari to leftover cooked rice for extra flavour, especially when there’s nothing that exciting paired with it.

If I haven’t brought any dip or dressing to go with my salad, a good spoonful of tahini is a perfect alternative for me. Unhulled tahini has got a great rich flavour and texture, but if you’re after something a bit milder, then hulled tahini is also a good option.

Dee & Kate suggest:

Any kind of nuts or seeds are perfect as a snack at the desk, sprinkle them on yoghurt or over a salad for added texture and nutritious flavour.

>> Not sure which nuts and seeds to keep in your stash? Why not try our one of our pre-made blends: ABC Nut Mix (Almonds, Brazil Nuts & Cashews), Omega Seed Mix or Salad Topping Mix.

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