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Coconuts 101: Top Coconut-Based Products

February 27, 2023 Team Goodness

Coconuts are truly a gift from nature and have long been adored for their many advantages and applications. At Honest to Goodness, we share this love of coconuts and have created over 20  premium coconut products that deliver the maximum nutritional and flavorful goodness from them. From coconut oil and coconut butter to dried coconut and coconut milk powder, and even coconut flour, our range of products showcases the versatility and goodness of coconuts.

We source our coconuts sustainably and ethically from  Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia. At Honest to Goodness, we not only prioritise sustainability but also take pride in using only the highest quality ingredients in all of our products.

Get ready to go nuts for coconuts! In this blog post, we'll go over all of the amazing benefits and creative uses of this tropical fruit. In addition, we'll be sharing some of our absolute favourite coconut products, which are sure to convert even the most sceptics into die-hard coconuts fans.

Coconut milk:

Regular Coconut Milk: The white flesh of coconuts are simply grated and pressed, extracting a 17% fat, creamy milk. The coconut milk is sterilised, homogenised and canned.
Light Coconut Mild: Same processing as our regular milk however only10% fat content, producing a less creamy milk.

Coconut cream:

Regular Coconut Cream: Produced by reducing our coconut milk, leaving it with a more dense and less watery consistency. It contains higher content of flesh than water.
Supreme Coconut Cream: The coconut flesh has pressed and only the coconut cream extracted. This provides 30% more fat content when compared to normal coconut cream forming a thicker consistency.
Whipping Coconut Cream: Blended with added tapioca starch to provide greater stability and structure to the cream. Our delicious vegan friendly alternative to dairy cream, loved equally by non vegans for its delicious taste profile!
Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk: Coconut cream is blended with sweetened organic cane sugar. 

(Note that not all coconut milk and cream is created equal! Our cans are nothing but 100% pure organic coconut milk or cream, where many organic brands have added water, and often added guar gum as a thickener. Plus, our cans are BPA free)

Coconut cream comparison chart organic vs non organic

Coconut butter: 

Coconut Butter: The coconut meat is simply blended together to form a rich, creamy texture. No pressing and separating is required like the cream. 

Dried coconut: 

Shredded Dried Coconut: Coconut flesh is simply dried, then grated into strands.
Desiccated Coconut: The dried coconut is ground instead of shredded, forming a much finer texture.
Coconut Flakes: Coconut flesh is dried and then shaved into long, wide flakes. 

Honest to goodness desiccated coconut vs other brand

Coconut oil: 

Virgin Coconut Oil: The pure white coconut fresh flesh is pressed using a cold expeller press, extracting just the oil.
Purified/Deodorised Coconut Oil: The white flesh is quick-dried with a hot air dryer producing copra. The copra is then cold expeller pressed and oil collected. This oil is then dry steamed to deodorised. This produces a flavourless and odourless oil. 
MCT Oil: Caprylic (C8) and capric (C10) acid is physically extracted from the other fats in our coconut oil, producing a 98% MCT oil. 

Coconut Syrup:

Regular Coconut Syrup: Derived from coconut sap of the coconut blossoms in Mexico. The sap is gently heated to remove water content and prevent fermentation, producing a deliciously sweet syrup.
Rich Dark Coconut Syrup: This coconut syrup is sourced from Sri-Lanka, possessing a richer flavour than the regular variant. 

Coconut Sugar:

Coconut Sugar: Organic coconut syrup which is simply heated, left to solidify and then granulated.

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