‘Organic’ is a prime example of a term that is misused quite often amongst food products, so how do you really know whether you are buying genuine organic when you go to your local grocery store or online?

You may have read our last blog, ‘What is Certified Organic’, which outlined the process of certification...but now you may be asking yourself how to know if it is actually certified and what to look out for to make sure you’re making informed purchases…

How Do I Know It's Really Organic?

A ‘Certified Organic’ logo guarantees the organic integrity of the product so look out for it! This stamp is located on the packaging or store signage, telling us that the producers and value-adders have been audited to comply with strict standards and have been granted organic certification.

Look for the below Australian certification logo to know you are really getting what you want!

Who is Australian Certified Organic (ACO)?

Australia Certified Organic (ACO) is one of the most recognised certifications amongst consumers and is found on products worldwide. If you buy products with this logo, you know you are buying: NO GMOs, NO Synthetic pesticides, NO Chemicals, NO Toxins, just environmentally friendly products!

What is the Organic Certification Process?

A product must undergo audits over a 3-year period and continue to be audited to hold onto the organic certification. The audits are to ensure the growing and manufacturing process are up to Australia’s organic standards and the 3-year period is to ensure full sustainability of the processes.

Are Australian Standards for Certified Organic the Same Around the World?

99% of the certification requirements between ACO and international certifiers are the same. Some small differences occur due to the Australian climate. For example, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) doesn’t allow farmers to feed stock conventional (non-organic) feed, whereas ACO allows farmers in drought declared areas to use conventional feed when certified organic feed cannot be sourced.

Where Can I Buy Certified Organic Food?

Here at Honest to Goodness we have hundreds of ACO certified organic food products available at our online shop (delivering Australia-wide), as well as in our Sydney-based store, and not to mention at the weekend Sydney organic markets where you can save all on buying certified organics in bulk!

You can find certified organic food at other local farmers markets, in independent grocers, supermarkets and wholefood stores. Just be sure when shopping organic that you look out for the certified organic logo to guarantee you're really getting that organic goodness!