It’s school holiday time, and we know those kids will be expecting an endless list holiday activities to fill up their days! Why not do something fun and easy at home like making healthy snacks and treats to eat?! We’ve whipped up some quick tips and ideas to keep them busy in the kitchen and keep their tummies satisfied with healthy, wholesome goodness.

  1. Use healthy, organic wholefood ingredients wherever you can – get them familiar with healthy foods as they use them, and educate them about why they are so good!

  2. Use organic dried fruit or organic sweeteners to substitute refined sugar – kids are sweet enough, so cut the sugar and add some colour with some goji berries, dried apricots, dried blueberries, etc. Shop our organic dried fruit range here.  Alternatively find some great baking sweetener alternatives here.

  3. Keep your kids involved in the cooking process - letting your kids create will get them much more excited to eat something that is healthy!

  4. Let them touch and taste. This makes the whole process more fun when kids get to try as they go. And why not use it as a time to teach them about hygiene in the kitchen at the same time? (eg. washing hands, difference between raw/cooked food, using a clean spoon, etc.)

  5. Keep it simple. You want to make it easy for yourself and for them! Try something that doesn’t have too many overwhelming ingredients or a long list of steps. Take your time at each step so that the kids can enjoy themselves. If there are too many steps in the process then they may also lose interest!

  6. Don’t be afraid to get messy. There will surely be some spills, but embrace the chaos! It’s important to have fun in the kitchen since it will be their playground for the afternoon (although an apron could certainly help!).

Here are some awesome healthy snack recipe ideas shared on our Organic Recipes page that are suitable for both you and the kids!