Here at Honest to Goodness we do our best to source local Australian supply of organic & natural wholefoods wherever possible and provide them to our community. We feel so lucky and grateful that our very own beautiful country can nourish us with such amazing, locally grown ingredients!
Check out some of our most popular Australian goodies and where they come from…


Our Sultanas are grown on certified organic Thompson seedless grapevines close to the Darling and Murray Rivers located in northwest Victoria / southwest NSW, which is an area known for dry heat conditions. Our Organic Sultanas are naturally dried without the use of any oils or preservatives. Perfectly sweet in taste and soft in texture! SHOP NOW >>

Sultanas Growing


Yep, all of our raw almonds are grown right here in Australia! They are a versatile variety of nut that provides a great natural source of protein, dietary fibre, vitamin E and other goodness.

  • Organic: South Australia is home to these delicious, high quality certified organic almonds. SHOP NOW >>
  • Insecticide-Free: These grow in the Australian Riverland Area of Victoria and South Australia. Grown without the use of synthetic pesticides, these almonds are also stored without the use of artificial chemicals and are not heat treated. SHOP NOW >>

Almonds Growing


Our Organic Raw Honey is made from beautiful native Australian Eucalyptus trees, sourced from beehives located across eastern Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Organic Raw Honey is known for being naturally rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and prebiotic properties. SHOP NOW >>

raw Honey Growing


Biodynamic farming is all about balancing the ecological inter-relationship of soil, plants and animals as a self-nourishing system without external inputs. Our Biodynamic Brown Rice is grown on the Northern Rivers region of NSW and is fed purely on rainwater – no flood irrigation. Our Rain-Fed Brown Rice has a beautiful, fragrant, nutty flavour and is rich in vitamins and minerals. SHOP NOW >>

Brown Rice Growing

Other amazing Aussie-Grown goodness includes:

Organic Rolled Oats
Australian Walnuts
Australian Pecans
Australian Macadamias
Australian Sunflower Seed Kernels
Organic White Quinoa “Australian"
Biodynamic Apple Wedges
Organic Raisins
Australian Hulled Hemp Seeds
Berringa Manuka Honey
Almond Butter
Australian Superfood Co Powders
Organic Wheat Flours
+ loads more!!

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