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Back to School Essentials: Healthy Snacks for Kids

February 1, 2024 Honest to Goodness

In a world filled with highly processed foods and sugary temptations, finding healthy snacks your children will enjoy, can feel like a real challenge sometimes. However, with the rise of organic snacks in stores and online, there are plenty of healthy options you can add to lunch boxes and after-school snack packs. Here’s a few snack ideas to try:


Organic Rice Crackers


Organic Brown Rice Crackers are an easy to pack, guilt-free snack for kids and their compact size means they’re perfect for small hands on the go. Made with organic and sustainably sourced brown rice, Honest to Goodness Organic Brown Rice Crackers come in a range of flavours and are gluten free – great news for kids with sensitivities. Ditch traditional chips and add these organic crackers as a crunchy stand-alone snack, or pair with cheese, cold cut meats, or freshly made avocado dip sprinkled with sprouts.

Honest to Goodness


In an ideal world, all our kids would be eating a minimum of two pieces of fresh fruit and five vegetables a day. But some kids just aren’t that fussed on the taste or texture, despite fruit and vegetables being nutritional powerhouses. If you have a fussy eater, try:

  • Adding organic vegetable, such grated zucchini or spinach, into muffins.
  • Make fun shapes – organic mini-watermelon triangles, star shaped carrots, heart shaped pineapple slices etc.
  • Pack a reusable cup with dip at the base and raw organic vegetable strips placed in the dip.

Organic Instant Noodles


If your kids love instant noodles, upgrade them to 100% organic brown rice noodles that contain no MSG or other nasties. Make the noodles just before school and pop in a thermos for a warm and wholesome snack or toss in left-over protein and veggies from last night’s dinner for a hearty lunchtime meal.

Beetroot Hummus Recipe

Beetroot Hummus Dip Recipe


Freshly made dips are a great option for kids as they can use fresh pita bread, raw veges (or their fingers) to eat the dip. Homemade dips can generally last for several days in the fridge (if stored in an airtight container) so get creating their favourite flavours on a Sunday, so snack time is covered for the first few days of the week! Adding organic grocery items such as chickpeas, tahini and olive oil to your regular shop means you’ll always have GMO and preservative free dip ingredients ready to go! 


Who wants chips when you can enjoy a superfood from the sea! Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks are not only delicious but also incredibly nutritious as they are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Kids love the ‘crunch and melt’ sensation of these healthy snacks on their tongues, which need zero prep and deliver a nutritious boost to the day. Seaweed snacks are ideal as a stand-alone snack or pair with strips of raw veggies such as capsicum or carrots.


Popcorn is a timeless snack loved by children and adults alike. When you’re in a rush shopping, it’s easy to grab any old popcorn off the supermarket shelf – but often these are coated in butter, oils and colourings. Take this classic treat up a notch by choosing organic popcorn grown without the use of insecticides, pesticides, preservatives, or additives. Your kids will love making their own fresh popcorn at home too.
Tip: Try adding Organic Nutritional Yeast for a delicious cheesy flavour


Swap out lollies for healthy snacks such as organic dried fruit, a naturally sweet and satisfying option for kids. Add a small reusable container of organic dried raisins, strawberries, goji, mulberries, or dried fruit salad to their lunch box. Not only are you showing them real food is best, you’re using less packaging – that’s a big plus for the planet.


If you’re like many families, the end of the school day signals the start of after school activities – sports sessions, music lessons, tutoring, dance, and art classes. Quick, simple, and nutritious snacks are a must for on-the-go kids and parents. Keep it simple with:

  • Organic salad bag mix – add a handful of healthy nuts & seeds and/or protein plus wholemeal pita bread.
  • Organic Dark Chocolate Trail Mix – this healthy trail mix is perfect for teens craving a quick energy boost.
  • Smoothies – ideal for hungry kids of all ages on their way to sports. Keep it simple: Banana, frozen berries, yoghurt, almond milk, and peanut butter. Blitz and go.
  • Organic Peanut Butter – with just about anything – wholemeal rolls, apples, celery sticks, pretzels, smoothies, and bananas.

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