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The Ultimate Guide to Organic & Natural Breakfast Cereals: Fuel Your Mornings the Healthy Way

February 22, 2024 Honest to Goodness

Breakfast holds a special place in our daily routines. Not only does it signify the breaking of the overnight fast, it’s an opportunity for the family to eat together (at the table or on the run) before the busy day begins. 

Breakfast Cereal

There are many factors that come into play when it comes to choosing a breakfast cereal:

  • Organic or Natural
  • Sugar content
  • Allergens & Sensitivities
  • Suitable for Paleo Diets
  • Price

Here’s our guide to help you make the best choice for you and your family.


With increasing awareness about the use of insecticides and glyphosate (a broad-spectrum herbicide sometimes used in the cultivation of non-organic crops to manage weed growth), some people prefer organic breakfast cereals for their families. Others are keen to move away from refined cereals and switch to natural wholegrains.


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Gluten Free

If there are food allergies or sensitivities in the family, such as gluten intolerances or sensitivities to preservatives, look for breakfast cereals that are free from common allergens or are specifically labelled as gluten-free, dairy-free, or preservative-free. Try:


Low Sugar

Want to decrease your family’s sugar intake? Then start the day with cereals that contain low or no added sugar.

  • Organic Wheat-Free Quick Oats – zero sugar and perfect when you need breakfast in a hurry, quick oats cook in half the time of traditional oats.
  • Natural Porridge Blend – contains just .4g of sugar per 100g. Includes rolled oats, rolled rye, polenta, and linseed.
  • Organic Hulled Millet – a tasty ancient grain with only .6g sugar per 100g.
  • Organic Rolled Spelt- this ancient wheat contains just 1.4g of sugar per 100g. Enjoy with milk, fruit & yoghurt or add to smoothies. Got fussy kids? Opt for cereals sweetened with natural ingredients like fruit or honey. Try: 
  • Natural Paleo Fruit Free Toasted Muesli – a super crunchy blend sweetened with organic maple syrup with just 6.3g of sugar per 100g.

Discover the entire range of our low sugar cereals here:


Paleo Fruit Free Toasted Muesli

Free from grains and refined sugars, these cereals make an excellent addition to the paleo diet. Try these super crunchy options:


Want to feed your family a quality breakfast cereal on a budget? Check out:

  • Organic Australian Rolled Oats – these homegrown, organic, GMO-free and preservative free oats are great value for money at just 53c per 50g serve.
  • Australian Organic Oat Groats – with a fresh nutty flavour, nutritious oat groats make a great traditional porridge and come in at just 56c per 50g serve.
  • Organic 5 Grain Goodness – an ideal base for muesli or porridge, this organic breakfast cereal comes in at just 51c per 50g serve.
  • Organic Rolled Barley – Buy in 5kg bulk and feed your family a nutritious hot breakfast for just 37c per serve!

*Price comparison created at time of going to print


Honest to Goodness

Some families may be influenced by health and wellness claims on cereal packaging, such as “heart-healthy” or “contains real fruit”. However, the best place to look, when choosing a breakfast cereal, is the ingredients list. If the cereal you are looking at also doesn’t look natural, chances are it’s laden with sugar and is highly processed.

Want to make your own breakfast cereal? Try this recipe

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